Dropping my anchor – I got a house!

12 times in my life I’ve moved house. For someone who hasn’t even reached 30 yet, that is a lot of moves! And I can definitely say that I don’t want to be doing it again anytime soon!

Moving is hectic and this by far has been the busiest move for me. So many boxes, so much furniture and so many things to throw away.

But now I’m in and we are ready to make this our own.

If you’ve noticed my blog has been a little quieter this past month this is why! We have not stopped unpacking and doing things around the house and I’ve certainly missed being out and about. Looking forward to getting back to our routine of exploring once we’ve finished unpacking!


I’ve spent many years saving as much as possible out of my wages. Budget travel and a cheap lifestyle has certainly helped me to get to this moment. I’m proud that I’ve been able to achieve one of my goals and become a homeowner! After renting for the past 10 years I can finally do all the things most take for granted. Like putting up shelves and painting walls… Which of course has been the first thing we’ve done!

A few candle lit dinners on the floor whilst we waited to move everything in, a perfect memory of our first few nights in our new home.


There are so many things we want to do with the place and it’s exciting to finally have a place I can call home that is mine. We can make it exactly how we want it and I’m excited to have a project to work on over the next few years! We have many plans.

Whilst my blog is focussed on travel, not every adventure I take involves a physical destination. Sometimes I can take a new path in life and that in itself is an adventure that I love to write about.

2019 has already been a big year and I’m sure as I start a new career next week, it can only get bigger!



  1. Congratulations! And extra congratulations on painting a wall already – it took me a year post move to finally start decorating. 5 years in and two rooms done!


    • Haha I got a tin of red paint on sale and we figured quick let’s get it done before we move all the stuff in or we will never do it! Haha


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