Sunny Scarborough by the sea

One of my favourite places to go for a day trip- Scarborough!

Located in North Yorkshire and only a couple of hours drive from where I live in West Yorkshire, this is one of my guilty pleasures.

Growing up my mum used to take us here for the day. Just her, my sisters and I, we would jump on a train from Leeds and go on a little adventure. I always remember this as it was one of the most exciting days out ever at that age! She would give us bags of coins so we could go mad on the penny slot machines for hours trying to win the terrible toys that at the time were amazing. It was one of the best holidays we could ask for. Made complete by some donuts, chippy chips and a quick boat trip that we thoroughly enjoyed!

Going back there as an adult isn’t quite the same but you tend to appreciate more of the natural beauty rather than the commercial side of things.

So returning this year for my first time in possibly 8 years or so, I was surprised to notice things I’d not quite noticed before.

Let’s start with the lighthouse..


I don’t doubt that this has always been here but I must admit, I have never seen this before! Or possibly, i’ve just never taken any notice of this before. We walked over here to admire the views of the harbour and the statue of the lady looked brilliant with the blue sky. A quick Google search tells me it is called the ‘Diving Belle’ statue and was put here in 2007 so I probably should have noticed this sooner than I have done!


Walking along the beach was good because the weather was finally sunny and that bitter cold wind that followed us around Whitby had disappeared. I took some photos of my friends as we strolled along the beach. Photos I personally describe as ‘band pics’ because they are the kind of typical shots you’d find on the local artists album cover!



Scarborough Castle

I’ve noticed this overlooking Scarborough before but I’ve never actually taken the time to walk up and explore, thankfully I got the chance to do that this time!


This was well worth the walk as whilst we didn’t actually go in, (this has an entrance fee) it was fun to climb up there and the views were rewarding.

I loved peering out on the sea from the castle walls.

One of my highlights here was actually seeing an owl fly above us. I’ve never seen an owl before outside of a bird sanctuary or controlled environment! So despite it being chased by a crow which probably wasn’t too pleasant for the fellow, it was awesome to see it so close.

Finally, we wandered around scoffing fish and chips in true British style. I got some rock, fudge and finished the day with the best slice of tiffin i’ve ever had! We found an awesome little cafe that had been converted from a tram stop. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of it but the tiffin was superb.

The sun made the day that little more enjoyable but I really liked strolling along the beach in Scarborough. I’m sure I will return here sooner than I think.




  1. I love the big skies in your post. A bracing day out by the sea is always a good idea! I had a walk on the beach there two years ago and I never noticed either the lighthouse or the Diving Belle either!


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