I do like to be beside the Seaside..

Oh I do like to be beside the sea!

Let’s hope you have heard that song before or you probably don’t understand the title of this post at all!

So in an attempt to relight my blogging spark again we decided to go on an adventure. Not forgetting the fact the UK travel ban has been lifted and we were way overdue a dose of Vitamin-Sea!

This weekend we headed to Scarborough on the East Coast of England. Of course I’ve been here many times but you can never visit the beach too many times! Besides, Newkee was definitely missing the sand.

Our dog Newkee on Scarborough beach

We arrived here midday where the skies were grey and the wind was chilly. Did we make a mistake coming this far with unpredictable weather? We certainly thought so!

We started our day trip at the top of Scarborough making our way down to the beach via the stairway that winds through the greenery. This walkway always reminds me of being a kid and it takes me back to the memories of my childhood. It was good to retrace my steps again, especially with my sister this time!

We headed down into the town where we stopped off to eat chippy chips, avoid sea gulls and walk along the pier. Because that’s what everyone does at the seaside right?

I even noticed the trams for the first time which I must admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen running! I love the historical aspect the little trams bring to the culture of the town.

We had a few hours to spend in Scarborough so we headed up to the castle on the hill. It’s a good climb if you’re keen on walking and a great way to look down on the town too.

Views from the climb to Scarborough Castle

Of course as soon as we started the hike to the top the sun started shining. It made it that little bit more exhausting but totally worth it when we got to the top thanks to the new blanket of blue sky!

Scarborough Castle sits at the top of the hill. Although I’ve never actually visited because it’s part of a Trust and you have to pay for entry, it’s free to walk to the top and view it from the outside. That’s always good enough for me and a stunning view I must admit.

Just a little day trip to the coast but it felt like our own little holiday since it’s been months since we visited anywhere different. It was such a nice change and so refreshing to be by the sea again.

The best part for me was getting to spend the day with my family and walk the same streets me and my sister last did together over 20 years ago. You just can’t beat a simple adventure full of good memories.

I must admit whilst we are still in the middle of a pandemic; being by the sea takes you away from that thought. You wouldn’t have even noticed any difference apart from the lack of slot machine noises from the arcades! And after all, who can complain about a bit of peace from those?

I last visited Scarborough properly back in 2018. I don’t know where the time went! I blogged about the town and where you should visit on my last trip. Just click the button below to read my previous post if you’re interested.


    • Aw thanks. Yeh it’s one of my favourite coastal towns just because of the memories but actually I prefer Whitby! At least they are all close together so you can visit a few of them over a weekend trip ☺️

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