A day trip to White Scar Cave

Nestled between Ingleton and Ribblehead Viaduct is the UK’s longest showcave!

We wanted to explore a cave during our time glamping and so a quick search of the surrounding area led me to White Scar Cave.


The guided tour lasts 80 minutes and costs just £10.35 per adult which I think was pretty cheap for a different experience.


We were given hard hats, for reasons that will become very obvious as soon as you start venturing through the cave!

We followed a guide around the cave, dodging the flowing water and admiring the various ‘tourist attractions’. There are a few funny shaped rocks and stalagmites that have been given crazy names – Look out for The Judges’s Head and The Devil’s Tongue.


You’ll walk through the cave spotting all of these before you reach the main attraction known as The Battlefield Cavern. This is a pretty cool scene as you can admire the strange stalagmites hanging from above all the large rocks as the guide tells you stories about the cave!


One thing I enjoyed was all the decorations up for Halloween. It gave a creepy feel to the cave and made it more enjoyable!


The cafe at the end is a nice place to stop with the far reaching views of the countryside too.


I enjoyed the excursion and if you’ve never been in a cave before this is a great place to start for an introduction to the world of caving! Obviously you’re not doing any actual caving but it gives you a good idea of just how tight some of those squeezes can be!



  1. Another fine day out. Ten pounds doesn’t seem too bad for a tour through those caves, looked fascinating. Must be loads of other cave networks in your area too.


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