I just read…Men on the menu by Bambi Smyth

So it doesn’t quite sound like it would be travel related, but it really is!

This book is about the author who has recently become single so sets out on a quest to find ‘the one’. She decides she will travel the world dating men from all corners of the planet and tasting the local cuisine at the same time!

I actually really enjoyed this book as whilst it was entertaining to read it also taught me about some of the local dishes that I will definitely have to taste whilst on my travels.

Bambi writes about each country and the dates she went on in those countries. She then compares her experience with a dish that reminds her of the man she dated.

As a horror/thriller lover it wouldn’t be my usual cup of tea but actually I found it very fun to read and even educational when it comes to learning about culture.

I loved the ending and the addition of all the dishes from each company listed in the back of the book so you can easily try them for yourself!

So if you want a true story, easy to read, funny and cultural then definitely give this one a read!

Keep an eye on my blog if you want more recommendations for travel novels as I slowly read my way around the world!

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