History in Paphos

There is a lot of history in Cyprus as we found out when stumbling upon a few unexpected sites.

It started with Panagia Chrysopolitissa Church which we walked past on our way back to Paphos Harbour from the Old Town. We had no idea what it was at first but read about the history as we walked around. We soon discovered it was literally right behind our hotel! Hence the name, Basilica Holiday Complex. (Which I recommend only for it’s location but nothing else).

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park was one spot not to be missed. Just under 5 euros to enter, this was located at the end of the harbour. A collection of historical sites to visit as you walk around. Plenty of beautiful mosaics to admire.

There is a short movie in English you can watch that tells you about all the history. I enjoyed this as it really makes you appreciate how much work has gone in to preserving these pieces of art.

I especially enjoyed that you could walk around for as long as you like and even to Paphos lighthouse.

Finally, another great piece of history well worth visiting, and located close to Paphos is the Tomb of Kings.

You can get a bus here as it is on the way to Coral Bay. Alternatively, you can do what we did and take the scenic route. A beautiful coastal walk from the harbour will bring you to the Tomb of Kings.

Just 2.50 euro entry fee and you can explore the tombs of.. Rich people. Not kings, despite the name. You will learn plenty about this if you ever visit.

There are various historical sites dotted about Paphos and plenty to explore if you are interested in architecture and history.

Even if you’re not a history buff, Paphos has so much more to offer too. Some of which I’ve already blogged about and more still to come.

What’s your favourite historical place to visit?

Visited Paphos in November 2019

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