The local food of Austria

Well I already tried Sacher Torte and beef goulash in Vienna but there are still some dishes local to Austria that I needed to taste before moving on.

Apfel Strudel

This is a world famous dessert originating from Austria and sold in all the bakeries and most restaurants around here. I’m not a fan of apple pie but this is completely different and really tasty. I felt extremely full after my slice in a small mountain town in Upper Salzburg!

This scrumptious pastry will set you back around €4 with whipped cream in most places.

Weiner Schnitzel (and noodles)

Okay so you might have heard about this from the famous song My favorite things from the classic movie Sound of Music. Yesterday I learnt that this combination is weird and people don’t eat this. However today I ordered Weiner Schnitzel and it came with a starter of noodles! So who knows?

Commonly it is supposed to come with potatoes and that’s what I received with mine when I tried it for the first time yesterday. I went to a local authentic Austrian place named Die Weisse. Traditionally the meat served in Schnitzel is veal but having never tried that before and being so starving I wasn’t feeling particularly brave so I asked for the chicken version instead.

To look at, you would think you’d need sauce with it. At least that’s what I’d normally grab back home! But the taste was so flavoursome that it went down a treat. I couldn’t quite finish it and the meal came with a hefty price tag of €12.80. The restaurant was very busy so I imagine quite popular despite it being on the opposite side of the river from the castle. So this is the kind of price you will expect to see dining out in your local restaurants. I didn’t order a drink but they added €1 for a glass of tap water.. Sneaky.

Today I stumbled upon a place named Shakespeare Kunst & Kulinarisches and it was the lunch deal that enticed me in if I’m honest. €7.80 for Weiner Schnitzel and a starter of noodle soup! Located in the centre and not far from where I ate yesterday, this place is a bargain for Salzburg! This time I braved it and decided to try the classic Weiner Schnitzel. My first time trying veal.

Again this meal was great, especially for the price. This one came with sauces so I got to try the famous cranberry sauce. I must admit I couldnt really taste the difference that much between chicken and veal in this dish so if you’re a picky eater like me just brave it and you won’t be disappointed.

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