Busy busy busy!

Well 2019 is well and truly flying by! In fact I’ve been so busy going places that I’ve not been able to catch up on my blogging.

I do love writing so I try find time for it as much as I can but with a new job and a new adventure every weekend it has taken a bit of a backseat lately!

New job, new life!

So in January I said goodbye to a job that I actually really enjoyed. One thing I learnt in 2018 was that whilst enjoying your job is a great thing, it’s no good if you then can’t enjoy your life because of it.

Firstly, I found myself working nearly every weekend. It was giving me FOMO like you wouldn’t believe. None of my friends work weekends and to hear about them going places without me… It’s crippling when you are the kind of person I am. Secondly, I was doing on-calls. This means I was taking work home with me. These weren’t bad at all but when you found yourself stood at a party watching everybody enjoy themselves on a Saturday night whilst you stood there scared the phone was going to ring any second.. It means you’re never actually getting the time you need to be away and switch off from work. It really dawned on me during my glamping trip. It was the first weekend I wasn’t due to be in the office so we booked to go away. Then I discovered I was on call and I was gutted. I couldn’t climb one of the three peaks because I would lose phone signal and so we had to change our plans which was a shame.

Since leaving I’ve got a new appreciation for having weekends off.

Adventures old and new

So for the first 6 weekends of 2019 I’ve been out and about visiting local places and making the most of time off.

Besides the weekend I was so ill I couldn’t move, I’ve revisited Esholt Woods, walked around the nice little town of Otley and even made the journey to a dog shelter where we got to walk dogs! Last weekend I explored the historic city of York and this weekend I got to head back to Whitby, this time for Steampunk weekend!

I’ll be sure to put up some posts about the weekends I’ve missed so far.

Whilst we might already be a month down in 2019, I’m really enjoying smashing my new year’s resolution with a visit to a different place every weekend. Always gives me something to look forward to during the week.

So stay tuned for some more UK adventure posts. How is your 2019 going?

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  1. Sounds like 2019 has started fantastically for you, keep it going. Don’t worry about getting behind on blogging though, you are too busy living.


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