Reading – An adventure without leaving the house

Nearly 2 years ago I wrote a post about reading and how much I love to collect travel books. I can’t actually believe it’s been so long since I wrote this! You can read the post here.

Of course my collection has expanded and whilst I’ve read more of them, i can’t seem to read them as fast as I buy them! But boy am I glad that I stocked up in time for this lock down. What would we do without books ey? The greatest form of escapism especially at a time like this.

As you can tell from the pictures, I have a fair few travel novels! These are mostly true stories written by travellers either sharing their experience on a journey or talking about their life. I’ve not read them all but I love collecting them. I love deciding which one i’ll read next once I’ve finished the last one too! Amongst the novels of course I also have my fair share of guidebooks too.

If you are interested in travel books, I normally blog about any I recommend and post them on my site. You can find my posts here or by searching under the ‘reading’ category on my site.

What next?

With all the adventures i’m currently not going on due to isolation. I’ve suddenly found all this new free time I can spend going on other peoples adventures instead! Do you do the same?

This month I’ve been travelling around France with Ben Hatch in his second novel, because I loved the first so much. I highly recommend his books and I’ll be sure to post about it once i’m done.

Road to Rouen by Ben Hatch
Road to Rouen by Ben Hatch

On one of my daily walks recently near Leeds, I was stoked to stumble upon a ‘Little Library’! I’ve blogged about these before as I used to live right by one in Wisconsin, USA. I found one in Bratislava, Slovakia and I’ve not seen another since! How happy am I to discover there is one literally on my doorstep! Less than a 10 minute walk away. Can’t wait to start exchanging my books here.


Is everything about travel with you?

So maybe I sound obsessed running my travel blog and collecting books about travel as well. Of course travelling and hiking is a big hobby of mine but I do actually have a life outside of this interest. When it comes to books, I love fantasy and crime/thriller novels. This is probably why i’m not burning through my travel collection as quickly as I would like since I tend to alternate between the genres depending on what mood i’m in! I have so many books in my house it’s stupid. Even more stupid when you consider the fact I give away any fiction novels I’ve read! Which means I’ve basically not read 90% of the books I own!


I’ve recently discovered C.L.Taylor who I highly recommend if you like your thriller novels. I always stuck to James Patterson before but now i’m hooked on her books. Today I finished reading her latest novel – Strangers – it only came out the other week and had me gripped the whole way.

Strangers by C.L.Taylor
Strangers by C.L.Taylor

I don’t normally write such a long post about the books i’m reading but since we are all in the same boat here, what do you do to keep yourself occupied during isolation?

Do you find the same comfort and escapism as I do once you get stuck in to a good book?

I’d love to hear about any of your recommendations or what you have been up to during this pandemic πŸ™‚


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