Exploring the Moravian Settlement and Fulneck

As we are all confined to our homes and our strict 1 hour daily walk, it doesn’t give us a whole lot to explore.

Although, if you are anything like me, you might have discovered that to be wrong!

As I’ve been sticking to the rules and not driving anywhere during this time, we have been discovering new walks in our local area.

The area we are discovering is Pudsey in West Yorkshire.

Walks around Pudsey, Leeds

We have always known about the Moravian Settlement as we discovered it just before we moved here. It is home to a boarding school, church, cafe and museum amongst other things. Located near Pudsey it backs on to the area of Fulneck leading to Tong.

We walked here one evening recently and something caught my eye.

What is that shining star above the church?

Well, it’s interestingly enough, a Moravian star. Put up normally only in December but currently there to provide hope in troublesome times.

I thought this was an interesting story and a glimmer of positivity in the strange world we find ourselves in currently.

What we didn’t realise about the Moravian Settlement’s location is that the path and bridleway leading down to Fulneck Golf Club stretches for miles! You can walk all the way over to Troydale or Tong in Bradford. The path will lead you through countryside, fields and woods surrounded by wildlife.

We are so lucky to have such a large area of footpaths and countryside on our doorstep.

You can walk from The Bankhouse next to the Moravian Settlement in 3 different directions. One will take you down to Tong, one towards Post Hill in Troydale and the other towards Farsley (we’ve yet to take that path yet).

A few miles will take you through fields and down past streams.

If you take the path in the direction of Troydale you will even come across an abandoned factory. Looks a bit creepy and I always find places like this fascinating to look at.

Be sure to keep your dog on a lead as you’ll be walking through fields home to horses and all kinds of animals. There is plenty of spots for dogs to have some fun too.

We were surprised to find so much to explore not far from the city centre.

I’d definitely recommend heading over here for a walk if you live nearby.

There is also a really great guide here that should help you with directions.

If you are looking for other local walks nearby, here are some more places I have blogged about previously.

Walks in the Leeds area:

Fulneck Moravian Settlement
Black Carr Woods
Ilkley Moor
Otley Chevin
Fairburn Ings
Roundhay Park
Esholt Woods
Pugneys Country Park
Ilkley river
Adel Dam
Skipton to Gargrave
Malham Cove


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