Exploring Paphos Old Town

Day 2 in Cyprus and we decided to head up to the markets and walk around the old town area. I’m not a big fan of shopping but I do like to browse for local gifts sometimes. If you head up to the old town from the harbour it’s a quick journey by bus or a short walk. We took the bus up and walked back and I’d say it was well worth a visit.

Firstly, we stopped by Soli Aepia – A Greek restaurant opposite the markets but perched on the cliffside with far reaching views of the harbour.

I had the greatest tasty halloumi pitta here whilst sitting in the sun and enjoying the views!

There are a few buildings and sculptures to admire in the old town also.

I won’t say there is loads to do here but if you’re looking for a nice day trip and a quiet place to explore then this is a good stop.

We decided to walk back to Paphos Harbour rather than heading back for the bus. Its a nice easy stroll back and by using our feet instead we stumbled upon this pretty church.

Visited Paphos in November 2019

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