My first trip to Cyprus – Winter sun in Paphos

Last week I was in the lovely Paphos and blessed with absolutely perfect weather. A beautiful way for me to see the country of Cyprus for the first time I must say.

You may have seen my post a few days ago about visiting the little village of Pano Lefkara.

What a pretty little piece of history that was indeed.

Well I was only in Cyprus for 5 nights but I managed to explore a fair few places and finally get out walking as it has been a while. I’ve definitely missed being on my feet and enjoying the sunshine that we have really lacked this year.

Cyprus is stunning and of course the weather did help. I stayed in Paphos Harbour where I spent most of the days exploring the surrounding areas.

On our first day we enjoyed a drink along the harbour. A little pricier than the rest of Paphos but worth it for a spot in the sun by the water.

The harbour is a beautiful place and it’s where our hotel was located. We wanted to stay here to be central to bars, restaurants and with good transport links to access. It paid off because we certainly did that and even though it was out of season there was plenty to do and the place was lively.

Visiting Coral Bay

After a wander around the harbour we jumped on a bus to Coral Bay. Just a short journey away from the harbour. Whilst there is a beach here and a few bars, I can only assume people choose to stay here because of the all inclusive resorts. Really there’s not a whole lot to do here and I can’t imagine another reason why you’d choose this location.

I did enjoy a rather tasty Jungle Juice in one of the bars though I will admit.

We tried not to do too much on each of the days we were there because we didn’t go on holiday to cram lots in. With that said, we did enough for me to need to spread it across a few blog posts so we must have done our fair share of exploring!

Coral Bay beach

We ended our first day back at Paphos Harbour with a few drinks at what would soon become our favourite bar..

Cocktails at ‘Friends’ bar

Visited Paphos in November 2019


  1. Jungle Juice looks crazy good. It just looks lovely to escape the bad weather for a week and spend some time in such a beautiful relaxing place.


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