Gaming brought to life!

As mentioned previously, I often find myself stepping in to the world of TV and movies as a lot of the destinations I have visited on my travels have also been the filming locations for various productions.

As a bit of a geek i’m also very much in to my gaming! So when I step in to a gaming location, that’s even more exciting for me!

Let’s take for example, my favourite game Assassins Creed.  Of course the games are set all over the place now but originally they were based predominately in Italy. This was genuinely one of my biggest reasons for wanting to visit Italy. The beautiful architecture and landscape featured in the game really made me want to visit.


So I started with Rome, then a few years later visited Florence, Pisa and Lucca. All destinations have been featured in the games and if you’re a fan then I highly recommend taking a trip to Florence and walking up to Forte di Belvedere. Here you get incredible views of Florence just like you would on a viewpoint in the game! Such a beautiful city for so many reasons. I was lucky enough to catch the sunset from the top also.

Last October I was lucky enough to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia. A UNESCO heritage site and the largest religious monument in the world!

Also the setting for the well known movie Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. I was such a fan of the games when I was younger so it was cool to bring out my inner 12 year old and pretend to be Lara for a moment.


At one point on my guided tour around the temple, the group was moving so slowly around the place that I left them to go explore on my own. It was a lot more fun feeling like I was the only one exploring the grounds just like Lara.

No visit to Cambodia is complete without taking a trip to Ta Prohm. What’s left of the temple is over grown with trees making the perfect setting for the movie. It’s easy to see why Hollywood paid so much money to turn this temporarily in to a movie set for themselves.



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