Airports – How they should up their game

It was 4am Sunday morning and I was stumbling out of bed after 3 hours sleep to catch my 7am flight to Dubrovnik from Leeds Bradford Airport. My taxi was booked for 4:45am and thanks to online check in being capped at 80% of passengers I’d managed to miss my ability to grab a seat online. Thus costing me an extra hour in bed. 😴 When I arrived at the airport and headed for the counter I was met with a queue that felt as long as the distance of a 5k race.

Of course that’s an exaggeration but you get my drift. I had no baggage to check in, nothing in particular to discuss with them, I just needed my boarding pass. So I queued for 45 minutes wasting my own time and effectively theirs and other people’s for something that could be so easily done online. When I left the queue it was twice the size of when I joined it.

By the time I got through security my friends were sat having a drink as online check in had treated them well.

So this comes to my point of this article. A simple solution? There definitely is..

Meet Dubrovnik check in..

Now these aren’t just airline specific. They are for EVERYONE. I thought I’d try my luck. It asked for my surname and nothing else. It located my flight then voila I had my boarding pass! It took a whole 20 seconds and I was done. I looked around and there was next to no queues at any of the desks leaving the attendants free for questions, queries and baggage check in. Which is exactly the way an airport should be!

Now I’ve seen these in airports before but not in the UK and definitely not at Leeds-Bradford Airport.

So Britain, when will you up your game?

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