I just read… How not to travel the world by Lauren Juliff

When I first started reading this book I thought it wasn’t going to be right for me. As I read through the first few chapters I couldn’t understand how someone could be so blind to things I consider as obvious and simple ideas to grasp – such as knowing what checked baggage is when boarding a plane. A lot of things frustrated me until I came to terms with the fact this book is titled how not to travel the world, not how to be a travel expert!

After imagining myself at 19 when I first jetted off solo it became easier to relate to. I hung on every word in this book. In fact I felt like I was on the journey with Lauren. I even started thinking back to my time adventuring and started wishing I was still out there! If a book can make you feel like that then it is doing a great job of placing you in the picture.

Read this book and you’ll learn so many things about backpacking around the world, things that you’ve probably not thought about before. I’ve travelled solo many many times and I still learnt a few things to avoid or be aware of from reading this.

The story has you gripped to find out how Lauren is going to get out of the next conundrum. It’s also great to read about someone so similar to myself with anxiety issues and coping with them when in difficult situations.

I’d recommend this book to anyone preparing for their first solo trip, someone who is interested in travel experiences and tales and anyone who just wants a reminder of what it’s like out there backpacking in case you’re missing it!

This is a great reflection of life on the road with humour and excitement making it an interesting and captivating read! A great piece of inspiration showing that just about anybody can take the plunge and go on an adventure!

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