Hi I have just come across your site on a forum. I really want to do bunacs australia, the 12 months package where you have fun with them for a week then find your own job etc. Do you have any idea of the price? how much money should I take etc? It says on the website its £599 but whats does that include etc? flights? visa? insurance? Sorry for rambling message just want to hopefully get some more info from someone whos experienced it.Hope to hear from you soon Kimberli – Manchester.

Hey anon! I actually did Work America with Bunac not Work Australia. I worked in Australia myself as really you don’t need a package to go out there and take the plunge! I’ve taken a look at Bunac’s website and it looks like the £599 fee is for the WORK AUSTRALIA ULTIMATE FUN package. It includes everything on this link https://www.bunac.org/uk/work-abroad/working-holiday-packages/australia/programmes/ultimate-plus 

I’d probably recommend it to be honest. Whilst you can do the whole thing yourself, I think the support that the job shop gives you is quite useful. This package also helps you to set up a bunch of things that technically you can sort for free but the guidance is quite useful when you’re out there. Such as setting up a bank account, sorting your Medicare card and your tax file number. It also includes a bunch of activities which will be a great way of meeting others! I had a few on my package and I absolutely loved the Blue Mountains trip. The Wake Up hostel that is included is also a really highly recommended hostel that everyone seemed to talk about when I was out there!

Other options for you to think about- (They all offer similar packages but one might suit you more than Bunac’s so worth checking out)

– UltimateOz Sydney

– STA Travel Full Monty Work & Travel

– Wanderlands Australia

– Oz Intro

Hope this helps! Message me any time with any questions you have about Australia or other working holiday programmes! 🙂

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