The beauty of a tablet..

..and why it is a necessity for any traveller.

Before I began my journey I made the decision to purchase an IPAD. I can honestly say it is the best money I’ve ever spent. Not a day has gone by this summer where I haven’t used it.

Whilst I’m making the 5hr bus journey from Green Bay to Chicago the time is flying by. Before travelling I made the smart move to download Amazons instant video app. Whilst connected to the Internet, purchase any movie, TV show whatever you want to watch.. Once you’ve bought it, all the episodes go into your library. You can then stream them instantly or even better- download a few and watch them offline on long journeys like this one. This is genius.

Other things a tablet comes in handy for:

-There are free language apps available even offline – learn a new language even whilst being on the road.

-Connect to wifi in airports to get the directions you need when you land using the maps apps.

– Download subway/metro/underground map apps. When in New York and LA I found I’d be checking these apps daily.

– Document your whole journey. A tablet ensures you keep up to date with your blog with the ability to write even when offline using the notebook app. I’m able to write blog entries on long bus journeys and even flights.

– Books.. You can easily download the free Kindle app and store a ton of books if you’re a reader on the road.

– Photos, this is actually one of the most important things for me. Whilst travelling (with the small purchase of an sd reader) I’ve been able to back up all my photographs and videos on to my tablet’s hard drive. Whist there all on there, from the device I’ve also been able to share them directly to social media and save them on google drive.

Whilst you might think it’s a lot to spend on a piece of technology, it’s worth every penny. It is also a million times easier than hurdling your laptop around in your backpack!

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