My first greyhound experience.

It started well with my bus from Green Bay to Milwaukee running smoothly but then disaster struck.

After boarding the coach I was surrounded by rowdy travelers complaining about it being a full bus..little did they know it was about to get worse.

20 minutes passes and the bus still hasn’t left. After a while people start getting off to smoke and ask questions. And then all of a sudden people are taking their bags off. Just a few people.. No announcement or anything so I stay put. Later I come to realize that in America you’ve gotta think fast and be smart, get your bag off that bus cos they ain’t gunna make that announcement! We’re not in England now.

After no news from any members of staff I just get off.. Word of mouth says there’s a bus in a different bay going to Chicago. So I get on this new bus only to find no seats and get back off again. I tell the driver and he says well I’m going to Chicago, do you want your bag underneath or no? I ask him, when’s the next bus? He tells me he doesn’t know and guesses it’ll be around 3 hours away. I then ask him if this is legal or what happens with the fact we’ve paid for a seat. His answer: I’ve gotta get to Chicago, you coming?

Are you for real? (I’ve waited all summer for a moment that fits that quote)

Now being me I just found it all hilarious. Especially the part where I get back on and the bus is completely full with over 20 people also standing in the aisle.

And then it gets better when we set off and after 10 minutes one of those people decides they’re closturephobic and they need to get off immediately. So everyone else also has to get off to let him pass and then the driver has to take everybody’s bags off to get his out.

Once again.. Only in America.

Of course the bus driver makes me a seat out of his suitcase and seats me at the front where I can sit enjoying the free wifi and writing this post.

Overall, another prime example of why travelling alone is brilliant. I can think of many friends who had I of travelled with them, they wouldn’t have boarded this bus and I would not be on my way to Chicago right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

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