Everything has changed again!

I think it’s a good thing i’ve kept a blog, i’ll look back on this one day and be like woahhh what was going on! 

Anyway… I GOT A JOB!

The day before I’m due to leave!

I’m so happyyyyyy. And I’m going to CHICAGO!

So i’m going to be working in Wisconsin, a state i’ve never been to before but it looks fascinating! I’m going to be located right by Lake Michigan in an adorable little town that just looks so cute ❤

The people are so welcoming and the whole place just has so much culture, I can’t wait to experience it.

And more of the plus side, I don’t have to change any of my flights or itinary and I will now be earning money to fund my travels afterwards! And I still get to go to all the same amazing places as listed on my last post.

I’m going to be living in a cottage this summer ❤ awww wow. Chuffed.

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