I’ve arrived!

Yesterday I landed in New York and was officially admitted into the US on a working visa 🙂

It took me 7 hours to get here, no delays and I was out of the airport in just 20 minutes! Case was there waiting for me straight away. Lucky..

Decided to grab the airtrain and subway into Brooklyn to save me a nifty $35! And I met Soph over in Brooklyn to check into our hotel. The area is quite quiet tbh, very rural and not much going on but the hotel (Hotel BPM) Is a 4* and brand new so it sticks out. We get free wifi and free buffet breakfast so it’s worth staying over there just to save on that.

So so far we’ve been to the worlds largest Apple Bee’s in Times Square, taken a lot of photos in Times Square, got myself a duffy bear from the Disney Store (Which i’ve renamed Stuffy so I can carry Stu around with me everywhere lol). We also visited the 9/11 memorial today..

It was quite sad, seeing the size of the towers and how many names there were of people that died.

I should add for all you people stuck in sunny England.. it’s 28 degrees!! The forecast was supposed to be rain and lightning but we’ve had nothing but heat! (It’s about 82 in farenheit) Tomorrow is supposed to be 34, I think I might boil to death!

Anyway, about to head off to do a boat cruise up to Brooklyn Bridge and visit China Town 🙂

Speak soon x

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