5 days in New York!

Just left New York and left my friend Sophie. Quite glad to be moving on from New York. After a few days we found we’d run out of things to do surprisingly. I think a few days is enough and because I have been before there was less for us to squeeze in. Had a great time still but can’t wait to reach LA!

Here’s some of the things we got up to this week:

Monday was fun, we met in Brooklyn and checked in to our hotel. Afterwards we headed for Times Square and just spent a few hours there taking pics and going in the shops. It’s a good job we went the first time because after that day they built a giant Star Wars spaceship out of lego and stuck it in the middle of Times Square.. that would have completely ruined our photos lol

Tuesday; I really enjoyed. We chose to do lower Manhattan which has always been my favourite part of New York. We went to the 9/11 memorial and saw the new freedom tower: the tallest building in the USA!

Afterwards, we went for the boat cruise round the Hudson! This was great because it was a super hot day, we were expecting it to be cool on the boat but because it was that hot, even the breeze didn’t happen on the boat lol. This boat tour was great though because we got to go close to the Statue of Liberty . We couldn’t go on the island because it was damaged from Hurricane Sandy and last time it was closed because of Hurricane Irene, but one day I will go on that island!

After the boat we headed to Pier 17, I love this place because all the shops are super old and it reminds me of Blackpool lol. Afterwards we headed for Brooklyn Bridge and walked the whole length right into Brooklyn. We were pretty tired by this point.. really long day! But we headed for the subway to get back into Manhattan after nearly falling asleep on a bench in Brooklyn Heights.

In Manhattan we met up with Sophie’s friend Rebecca and went to do some star gazing on some kind of famous bridge that I can’t remember the name of at all actually..oops. But anyway, it wasn’t quite dark yet so we had to just look at the moon instead of the stars but it was still cool to use a telescope! After this we went for cocktails in a bar in Soho 😉

The next day, Wednesday it was a pretty slow day.. We were so tired so we headed to Central Park to tire us out some more. We walked around for ages trying to find the zoo and it took hours only to be not so great..very very small but cheap so least we did it. We also got a pretzel from one of the street vendors, it was pretty gross..

I’ve already forgotten everything we did this day so I should have written this straight away lol I think we spent some time n Brooklyn at night but the area is a bit dodgy so we didn’t go very far 😉

My last day, Thursday was great. We decided to head straight up to the top of the Rockefeller centre because of the weather forecast.. (It’s a good job we did cos it poured down after we’d done it) and it was great! Better than the empire state as there was no mesh so great for photos. We took lots and I ate pizza inside the building too 🙂 after this we headed to the department stores like Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Tiffany’s too.. (Not my choice, I hate shopping lol) but it was fun anyway cos we got our NYC Pandora charms from a really sweet gay guy in Bloomingdales lol

For our final time in New York we headed back to Times Square to say farewell and grab food from Planet Hollywood. Had a great time but glad to be in LA now!

My flight was delayed by 2 hours so they stuck me on an earlier one and I had no window or aisle seat so it was horrible.. 6 hours of dying in the middle of 2 guys and I couldn’t sleep at all.. Dreading my flight to Chicago cos all the seat choices are booked up.. But nvm. At least I got to watch South Park and American Dad.

So.. I’m in Hollywood now and super tired after such an amazing day so I might post within the next hour but If I fall asleep it’ll have to be tomorrow if I get time.. Got so many things planned i can’t wait to get some sleep!

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