I’m in Hollywood!

Today was never supposed to be so long.. So I’m falling asleep right now whilst I write this.. But I’ll start from the beginning.

I arrived in LA yesterday after a very long and delayed flight. So first thing I did after freshening up was jump on a bus to the metro station.. Didn’t really know where I was going but just thought I’d wing it.. Got to the subway and jumped on the train to Hollywood Highland station where I read my hostel would be within walking distance.. Got pretty lost on the way there but managed to find it eventually.

The first thing I saw when I stepped out of the subway was a massive Disney shake place and just crazy people everywhere lol I ended up having to pull my suitcase along the walk of fame.. Something I never expected to be doing. It was pretty cool but my god is Hollywood Blvd tacky, overrated and just plain rubbish to look at lol

So when I got to my hostel the staff were so friendly they walked me to my room and told me all the rules whilst showing me the kitchen and getting me towels, I then got to choose a bed and find that none of my roomates were in.. There was stuff everywhere! Which was great cos it meant they all trusted each other to leave there suitcases open and valuables everywhere lol.

So as I didn’t know anyone I headed out into Downtown LA for an hour to visit the Disney Concert Hall.. Not much to see really tbh but I got a Starbucks frappucino and wandered around anyway 🙂

Then I headed back to my hostel where I would sit on the patio and enjoy BBQ food :p I wasn’t really sure what to expect or whether I would make friends so I did what you should do.. Went and sat with random people and joined in the conversation about seeing the Hangover films lol. I got to talking with a girl named Rachel from France originally but living in Australia now, she’s literally travelled everywhere! On here own too.. And so we hung out before heading out for the pub crawl.

I went back to my room after the BBQ to get ready and there’s a bunch of girls drinking Smirnoff ice.. I found out there all from Australia but only 2 of them knew each other, the other 2 were travelling alone. They talked to each other like they were best mates but they’d met a day ago! It was great.

They gave me some of there drink then we all headed upstairs to join the rest of the people going out and drink really strong punch.. It was horrible. But $3 and probably why I’m feeling so hungover right now still..

Anyway, trying not to ramble too much but in conclusion.. I made a ton of friends and had such a great night! I met people from all over the world and partied till about 4am. The drinks were so strong I had to pour away half and get them to top it up with the mixer 😮

In one club we went to there was a half naked girl behind the bar dancing… With a giant snake! I thought that was a bit insane.

Anyway, great night.. Woke up feeling like I was gunna die so I jumped off the top bunk and sat in the middle of the room drinking warm fanta. Everyone else woke up about the same time and 5 minutes later everyone was up shouting and dancing around lol. I also met my new roomate Madeleine from Canada!

Headed for breakfast and lots and lots of juice and ended up chatting with more random people. I couldn’t even remember who I knew and who I didn’t cos everybody literally talks to everyone else lol I saw Hannah again though and ended up meeting Aiswarya from India but she lives in San Francisco. I don’t know how it happened but we ended up booking a studio tour for tomorrow.. I think we got a but excited talking about tv shows lol

So we all headed out for the Hollywood sign walking tour run by the hostel.. There were a lot of people I recognised from Friday night there. My roommate Madeleine also came and I felt a bit rude that I could barely talk to them cos i was literally dying from the hangover lol..

The tour turned into this massive trek up the Hollywood Hills all the way up to the sign.. I wasn’t prepared for it at all lol couldn’t keep up! Me and Madeleine were just lagging a mile behind with some Chinese guy lol Eventually, we made it and got lots of pics and saw some amazing looking houses 😛 Then we trekked back down and I finally made it home!

Climbed into bed and died…for about 5 minutes. Then There’s a knock at the door. Madeleine answers and its Hannah telling me to get out of bed now so I can go on this random trip to ‘the observatory’.

I had no idea where I was going but we headed for indian food then jumped in a car with 2 guys from Germany and our friend from India and drove all the way to the top of the hills.

The observatory was great, you could see a lot of LA, great views and some interesting things about stars in the planetarium. We then headed back down after a long day of walking and got stuck in a herd of traffic of people going to see Fleetwood Mac at Hollywood Bowl..

Decided to take a detour along Mulholland Drive.. As you do. Wow at the houses.. I actually saw one of those amazing houses that has a pool on the edge of the cliff.. We also tried to spot celebrities but no luck lol maybe tomorrow? Finally we drove home via Sunset Blvd.

Salad for tea to balance the junk food out and I’m in bed nice and early (well..1am). Gotta be up in 7 hours to get ready for another crazy day. I think I might head to the Hollywood Museum in the morning but some new roomates have just checked in so I might find out what they wanna do in the morning.

Should be another great day maybe even better than today if that’s possible..

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