I fear that the last few days were just TOO good..

The thing about hostels is that it all depends on the people who have checked in.

So I’ve had an extremely boring day to be honest.. I’ve been on Santa Monica beach, got myself a California Pandora charm and walked around the shops but the problem is the hostel..

It’s so BORING. I’ve never seen such a dull atmosphere.. Firstly, I didn’t know there was no drinking allowed here so that means nobody’s hanging out with each other at all but also there’s kids staying here too. So really I can’t wait to move on, thank god i’m only here 1 night! I’m off to a comedy show here tonight.. I think it will be rubbish but I guess we’ll see. At least i’ll get an early night 😉

It’s weird but I miss Hollywood and the people already 😦 It’s like they were such good friends I didn’t wanna leave..crazy.

But tomorrow I get to meet Jasmeet and go see Tyler Hilton so I suppose it can’t hurt to have a slow day and a change of scenery today..

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