My last few days in Hollywood

Ahh where do I begin..

What an amazing time I had! So sad to leave..genuinely.

So following on from what I was saying last time..

Sunday came and me Rachel and Ash were ready to hang out at the studios after I visited The Hollywood museum.

Me and Rachel met up first and made our way over there, we were so excited! lol When we got there we saw a short movie about the Warner Brothers and took some photos of Harry Potter props.

The tour itself showed us exactly how they film tv shows, how all the houses are set up and sets of shows like Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls and a ton of famous movies. It was really interesting and the best part was walking on the Big Bang Theory set and sitting on the FRIENDS couch.

We then headed for Citywalk at Universal Studios where I ended up shopping for clothes, scarves and buying boiled chicken that wasn’t very nice.. Really tired afterwards, I nearly went to bed..

Luckily, I decided to stay up and watch a comedy show that was happening in the hostel, It was sooo much fun! I’m not a fan of comedians but it was brilliant. Great atmosphere until this annoying comedian wouldn’t stop singing so he got a can chucked at his head. But to be fair it could have easily been me that threw the can- he was that annoying.

After then show I ended up heading outside and staying out til 3am drinking $1 cocktails.. Such a good night.

The next day I woke myself up and the rest of the room because I was half asleep and thought there were cockroaches in my bed..That’s the second time this week that i’ve woken myself up screaming in the hostel lol

The next day was labour day so I was expecting a big night.. It didn’t really happen though. The limo tour I wanted to take was cancelled because of lack of interest and then nobody ended up going out 😦 I was gutted tbh.. I took a Beverly Hills tour of celebrities homes in the morning with my friends and then they checked out.. I found that the atmosphere wasn’t the same after they left. My roommates had turned into boring old jetlaggers who did nothing but sleep..

The atmosphere was totally different on my last day but I still wanted to make the most of it so I headed to a margarita bar with someone I met on the Bev. Hills tour earlier.. Turns out I don’t like Tequila.

Felt that it was time to move on but now i’m in Santa Monica hostel I wish I hadn’t have bothered.. This place is so dull. Just went to a comedy show and it was not good, one guy ended up walking out insulted… It’s got nothing on Sunday night.

But the good news is I’ll be staying in the same chain hostel in San Diego and San Fran that I did in Hollywood so I look forward to that a lot πŸ˜€

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