Goodbye LA

You will be missed!

I really enjoyed being in LA and it’s sad to leave the place 😮 never thought I’d actually like it but it has a bit of everything to offer.

My last few days were very casual. I headed to Santa Monica and walked along the beach for the most part of the day before heading to a restaurant with Daniel who I met on the Bunac Facebook group. We watched Hangover 3 later on too, love those films. Santa Monica itself.. I’m not overly fussed about. I’m not really a beach person myself but I enjoyed the view. The hostel was awful but least I was only here for one night!

The next day I trekked really far to go meet Jasmeet also from the Bunac group. She was lovely..(never been to America before) we stayed in some funky hostel where neither of us felt clean lol

I then headed to Hermosa beach to go see Tyler Hilton. Got there dead early so I ended up walking along Redondo Pier; there was no beach but the views were incredible. I actually proffered this place to the ‘famous’ Santa Monica pier..

I then headed to the gig where the guy I went to see was actually stood in the doorway as I entered. It was an interesting gig.. So casual. I had my own table and glass of wine lol the show was great and the support acts were incredible.

The next day it was time for a long day at Disneyland! This was great cos I was due to meet up with a bunch of Americans from Facebook and a singer named Traci Hines who I’ve been a fan of her videos on YouTube. It was a really fun day and the shows I saw at the end were amazing. The world of colour was a show created using only water and fire and they projected images onto the water.. It was so pretty. I think it might be the best show I’ve ever seen at Disney so completely worth me sticking around until 11pm for!

I also met a woman who sat next to me in Fantasmic, she asked me what my favourite thing about meeting new people was. Hard question.. But I think it’s their tales.

I have met so many people since I left and everyone has a story to tell. It’s hard to believe I’ve only been gone for 11 days. It genuinely feels like I’ve been here for months. The days are so long and the amount of faces I see everyday it just feels like I could come home tomorrow and I wouldn’t be disappointed with the amount I’ve had the pleasure to experience so far.

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