Today was a very bad day.

I’ve finally reached San Diego after a very long day. Finally checked in at 9pm instead of 4pm but never mind..

Checked out of my hotel at 11am this morning then headed for Earl of Sandwich which is my fave place to eat. Google maps told me it’d be a 20 minute walk from here but I set off early anyway to get to the bus stop 30 mins before departure like it asked for..

Turns out a 20 minute walk is actually about 80 minutes and having a giant rucksack and suitcase in sweltering heat doesn’t help. Finally made it there and there was nobody around at all, just me in the middle of a parking lot and some random shops. My bus was at 2.35pm so I waited until 2.45 before calling them and using all my credit..

Turns out the bus was cancelled and I should wait for the 4pm bus :/ so I sit there waiting and burning until 4 when I ring them again and they tell me it’ll be an hour late.. Yay.

Finally get on the bus and it gets stuck in traffic turning the 45 minute journey into a 2hr15min journey.

So I get off the bus with my directions telling me it’ll be a 20 minute walk again.. I’m walking for 40 minutes until I can’t bare it anymore and I head into an Enterprise Rent a Car for a map to find out I needed to walk up some tiny street about 30 minutes ago :/ so there i go, back again..

Made it eventually anyway. Wasn’t worth the journey though since my roomates are the most unfriendliest girls I’ve ever met and I’m sat with my headphones blasting music out right now because I can’t stand the snoring


Tomorrow is a new day and they all check out so BYE. And besides I met a friendly Japanese girl I’m gunna goto the park with tomoz and some guys who told me my roomates were rude too lol

Tomorrow will be quiet because pretty much everyone is going to Mexico and I can’t go 😦 I’ve heard a few stories about not being able to get back into the USA if u have the visa I have so I’m not going to risk going..not worth it.

But instead I’m gunna head to San Diego zoo.. They have baby pandas 🙂

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