San Diego!

The last few days in San Diego have been a mixed bunch. I’ve found myself extremely bored at times but perhaps its not boredom its just i’m not used to being relaxed lol.

My first full day in San Diego, I wasn’t sure really what to do with myself so I headed to the ‘world famous’ San Diego Zoo. It was massive, so big that I only did one half of it! I was so knackered out from walking around it that I ended up leaving 😮 It was good though, I saw my first grizzly bear! There was also giraffe feeding (Which I didn’t manage to get tickets for :(), wolf training and panda’s too! Second time i’ve seen panda’s this year..which isn’t very common.

After the zoo I walked around Balboa park for a bit. It was really beautiful and really made me think of Mexico..Even though i’ve never been there. I was supposed to go to Tijuana in Mexico this day and because I didn’t wanna risk it, that’s the reason I ended up going to the zoo.. Didn’t really know what to do with myself.

The next day I took a walking tour of the Gaslamp Quarter. It was a pretty boring tour lead by a boring guide.. But at least I got to see a bit more of San Diego. We started with the San Diego Convention Centre which is where i’d go if I was heading to Comic Con! We enjoyed the views of the harbour. After this we walked around the area and saw the baseball stadium, it was open for the marathon runners to celebrate in. We then headed to Mission Brewery where they actually have a bar inside their brewery. I tasted some of their beers but I don’t think i’ll be becoming a beer drinker anytime soon!

We then had the displeasure of going for Mexico food. It was my idea but the choice of restaurant wasn’t, it was terrible! I had about 3 bites before I refused to eat anymore in fear of getting food poisoning. I don’t think they could have used a worst part of the chicken and the home-made sauce…ergh. I ended up going for $1 pizza and Wendy’s instead.

Got back to the hostel and decided to pack in time for my flight today. I’d met some nice girls finally in my room, they were from different parts of Spain..if I remember right lol but I got on with those girls and they were travelling alone too so we decided to head to the bar together later on after pre-drinks in the hostel.

The bar was a duelling piano bar! It was great. The musicians compete for tips and play whatever you request switching instruments as well. They can literally play anything you throw at them!

My final day – today. I knew i’d have to leave for my flight to San Fran at 2pm so I decided just to go for a walk. Walked along the harbour for a couple of hours and it was actually really nice. Seaport Village was a really old seaside village with little shops by the river. It was probably the best part of San Diego i’d seen all weekend, shame I left it til the end.

Right now i’m just flying over San Francisco about to land any minute so i’m sure the next time I update i’ll have a lot to say. Meeting Ash who I met in Hollywood on Wednesday, she lives in San Fran!

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