It’s cold!

I’m in San Francisco! And so far i’ve been here nearly 24 hours but i’m having such a blast!

I arrived yesterday around 6pm, went for the Bart train to get me into downtown San Fran.. Gotta say, did not get off to the best start. SCARY.

So I got off the train and didn’t really know which way to walk..First thing I see is tons and tons of homeless guys, EVERYWHERE. So I headed over to a security guard nearby to ask which way I needed to go. The first thing he told me to do was put my camera away (which had my map on) and close my bag. He said if I walked to the hostel I would most definitely get robbed..

I didn’t wanna take that chance with my ipad in my bag so I headed for the hotel across the street and jumped in a taxi to my hostel. My first ride in an American yellow cab!

When I arrived the staff told me I should have got off at the stop after the one I got off at, that was just a rough area and apparently it’s not as bad once you’re out of there.. saved me trekking up the hills aswell though.

The hostel seemed super friendly and within minutes i’d already made friends. I headed up to my room where I met a girl from Austria who’d just finished studying abroad in Minnesota. She wanted an early night so I left to go downstairs for free wine and cheese! Stuffed my face! It was here I met Adam and Lauren, (both originally from San Diego but on vacation in San Fran. )

We chatted for a while and they asked me to come to a dance bar where people dance to strange techno music.. I said i’d like to see that lol Great night! Stayed there until 1am watching people get their grooves on with MJ flashing gloves and strange moves.. We then headed to another bar where you pay $3.50 for your drink and spin the wheel to see what you’ll get.. we got a bottle of champagne! With 7 minutes to drink it in..I had none of it. Thought I might be sick if I push it too far lol We headed for food afterwards and it’s a shocking sight is the homeless people.. they sit in the food places watching u eat and then when you leave they beg and follow you.

I don’t know why San Fran is such a big tourist spot, i’ve found it incredibly dirty and hard to deal with but thankfully i’ve met enough people already so I don’t have to worry about walking the streets alone. It’s really not a nice place after dark..

But that said, I’ve had another great day today and only seen around 30 homeless people today perhaps? lol Today I took a walking tour, we saw China Town, Little Italy and the Coit tower before ending at the Farmers Market…lots of free fruit samples!

Now i’m back at the hostel and actually about to get ready to go downstairs and head to my first baseball game! Should be an experience, go GIANTS! (?) lol I think I may be extremely bored.. but tickets cost me $13 and all I want is a hot dog so who cares lol..

Alcatraz island tomorrow! And I think i might hire a bike and ride over the Golden Gate Bridge 😀

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