Dear family & friends,

This is to keep you in the know about where I’m going this summer. Plans are subject to change but for now I’ll post this up so you have some idea of where I’ll be and on what day in case you’re worried..

All hotels in California are booked and I’ll be staying in the following locations on the nights listed. If I’m venturing out of that area I’ll mention it below:

Brooklyn – Monday May 20th, May 21st, May 22nd, May 23rd.
Check out May 24th and fly to California.

Hollywood – Friday May 24th, May 25th, May 26th, May 27th

Santa Monica – Tuesday May 28th
Long Beach – Wednesday May 29th (Staying with friend)
Anaheim – Thursday May 30th (Meeting other friends)

San Diego – Friday May 31st, June 1st, June 2nd
Check out June 3rd and fly to San Francisco.
Also note: I’ll be in Tijuana, Mexico all day on June 1st.

San Francisco – Monday May 3rd, May 4th, May 5th, May 6th
Note: I may be at Muir Woods all day May 4th and Yosemite National Park all day May 6th.

May 7th: Fly to work location..

I am 5 hours behind you when i’m in NY and hours behind you when i’m in CA.

The other route I will be taking which is currently set for September will be as follows:

New York -> Philadelphia -> Washington D.C -> Buffalo -> Niagra Falls USA -> Niagra Falls Canada -> Toronto -> Montreal -> Quebec City -> Boston -> New York

I may have to take this in June if I can’t find work out in America so if I do I’ll post up location dates on this page 🙂 

Other things, to read my latest posts: 

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If you lose this site, you can find me at

Hope all that’s cleared up, don’t forget I’m just an email away 🙂

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