Flying in 4 days!

So I’m testing out my new iPad to see if I can get the hang of blogging on this thing. I bought it so i can write to my friends and family all in one go 🙂

My friend Sophie leaves in the morning for New York! It has come around so fast 😮 I’m meeting her on Monday 🙂 right now I’m just getting my hands and feet polished before I head out next week!

So a few updates, and major ones at that..

I lost my job! That is right.. Alongside the stress of final year I have found myself with no employment in America.. It’s a long story basically to do with the change in state law but I have no job..

I was pretty miffed but I’ve come to terms with it and now I’m pretty excited tbh. I have such an amazing trip planned that I think even if I can’t find work whilst out there I will be fine coming home early cos I’ll see so much 😀

Some of the highlights I have already booked…

A cruise around Manhattan, a limo ride down Sunset Blvd, pub crawls and Beverly Hills tours in LA, seeing one of my favourite singers perform on a beach in LA, meeting friends I’ve made in Long Beach, a trip to Disneyland to meet mermaids! Lol, Sightseeing in San Diego, a trip to Mexico! And finally seeing San Francisco and all it has to offer ❤ Highlights include Alcatraz, Yosemite and Muir woods.

So yeh.. Not too much.

And on top of that I still have my bus tour to take around Washington D.C, Canada and Boston! Wowzers..

It’s a good job I’ve been saving all year for this! Lol

Anyway, family post coming up next so just ignore this if you’re a follower 🙂

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