Visiting the city of Brasov, Romania

As part of our day trip to visit the castles, Bran Castle & Peles Castle, we also got to visit the city of Brasov for some free time to explore.

We had no expectations but upon arriving we could see this city had a lot to offer. Of course one thing I should point out is that a city in Romania is nothing like what you imagine when you think of a city. Bucharest is the capital of Romania and the closest thing to a UK city you will see. Brasov on the other hand is very small and picturesque.

To begin with, it had a central square. One thing most European cities have – Filled with restaurants that surround a monument or building. Unfortunately, this was lacking in Bucharest so it was nice to see one in Brasov.

We decided to spend the next hour with the guide as he promised us a view to remember. I knew it wouldn’t be easy as a view rarely comes without a little grafting! He also said we’d have to work for it so I was expecting a bit of a trek ahead.

So we set off up the hill. Only 200 steps to the White Tower at the top of Brasov! No sweat, I climbed the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey a few weeks ago!

One thing my brain fails to realise is… There is a big difference between 23 weeks pregnant and 26 weeks! Even though I don’t feel any different, I am certainly bigger and as I climbed the hill thinking I’m doing well and at a good pace, I watched every person in our group pass me. I felt absolutely fine and genuinely like I was walking at my normal pace!

Dec assured me I was definitely walking about as fast as a snail. Turns out my hiking days might be temporarily over!

This really made me laugh because I have been so sure I’m exactly the same as normal and it certainly feels like I’m walking my normal pace. I told Dec if we weren’t part of a group I would be convinced he was just walking fast and that I’m not slow! Haha

When we reached the top, it was all worth it as we got to meet the cutest Husky puppy!

Of course, we got a nice view of Brasov too which was to be expected!

Brasov, like many others in history, was once a walled city. Something clever about Brasov though was that they built two walls! The idea being that once the enemy had got through the first wall, they would be defeated before the 2nd one. Clever!

The White Tower was one of two towers used as lookouts, the other being the Black Tower. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t try snail crawl up to the other one!

After the walk we headed back to the centre square where Dec finally got to try the Covrig bread that we had read about in the guidebook. We ordered Covrig Polonez and whilst we had no idea what flavour it was at the time, we enjoyed it! (A quick Google now tells me it was Polish flavour which tells me nothing!)

If we had of had longer here we definitely would have tried out some of the bars. But on a tight schedule we ventured back through the streets to the coach admiring some of the colourful buildings along the way.

I really enjoyed our short visit to Brasov. It was great to finally visit part of Translyvania and see a bit more of Romania.

~ Visited Brasov, Romania in March 2023


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