Exploring North East England

This week I visited a part of my home country that I haven’t been before up in North East England. I’ve been to Newcastle and Scarborough before however this week we visited some beautiful places I’ve not yet stumbled upon before.

My friend has recently moved up to Middlesbrough so I jumped on a Megabus for a mere £7 from Leeds and enjoyed the 75 minute journey from the top deck. Not bad value!

I only had a small amount of time walking around the city but I must admit nothing caught my eye here. Just your average English coastal city with a few shops and seagulls.

Luckily we hadn’t planned to spend time in Middlesbrough as my friend had a whole day of sightseeing planned!

We jumped in the car to head for our fist stop – Saltburn by the Sea.


A great little place for walking along the beach or taking your dog along the greenery. They have a prominent pier and historic funicular being the earliest surviving operational example in Great Britain.


We saw many people swimming in the sea, surfing and enjoying fish and chips along the pier. We may not have gone in the sea but we definitely enjoyed some chips!


Of course you’ve got your usual ‘slottys’ we used to call them as kids – Always found by the sea!

And I love admiring the little colourful beach huts that you always find lining the paths in England.

Full from the chips and surprised that actually for once it wasn’t raining in England, we jumped in the car again and headed for our next stop.

Time to do some walking! Roseberry Topping was next on the agenda and we were set to climb to the top!


It started getting quite warm surprisingly so I ditched my jacket and prepared for a mountain climb. Actually it turned out to look much taller than it was and we reached the top in no time. Just a short walk but with great views of the English countryside and North York Moors!



It was nice to be able to fit in some hiking for the day to keep me active and outdoors on my days off.


Finally we headed for Staithes.

Now I have heard of this place before because a walking group I used to be a member of used to talk so fondly of the coastal walk from Whitby to Staithes.

I never expected it to be quite so picture perfect though! Climbing to the top of the viewpoint I got a beautiful view of the town below!


We walked along the rocks and up to the sculptures to look back on the small town.


When exploring England I love admiring all the unique houses dotted about. Everything is so colourful and different.

We even had time to grab a pint and enjoy the sunshine by the sea!



I really enjoyed my little trip up North for the day courtesy of my good friend Colin for planning it!

I’d highly recommend visiting Staithes even if it’s just to get that picture perfect lookout shot!



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  1. Wow, what an inspiration… if you get time in your busy itinerary pop over to see us at Sentry Circle 🙂


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