Final destination : Germany

Last leg of the journey and I’ve arrived in Munich!

It’s interesting how quickly you can see the difference between a city in Austria and a city in Germany. Most noticeably – the amount of people. It’s so busy I feel like I’m back in London!

I jumped on the Flix bus from Salzburg yesterday morning straight after my cycle. (Nearly missed it but we won’t talk about that!) The journey was meant to take 2 hours but we got selected at the border by the police to show our passports and for some reason one lady had to be taken off the bus which delayed us by about 30 minutes. I didn’t mind though as it just gave me chance to clean my Pandora. Just added a new charm from Austria for my travel bracelet.

When I arrived in Munich the sun was shining with a beautiful blue sky – my favourite. So I checked in to my hostel at Wombats again and jumped in the shower before covering myself in suncream and heading out for a wander.

I didn’t have an idea of where I wanted to go so thought I would just enjoy the weather and have a wander around. It was very pretty.

I ended up first at the Marienplatz. There was so much going on here in terms of street performers, people drinking beer in the street and crowds of tourists everywhere. So many beautiful buildings to admire too.

I had a German favourite; the incredibly salty pretzel. Then I carried on walking and reached a market with a very large beer garden absolutely packed with people. The weather obviously helped.

Walking around the city I saw lots of pretty places such as the walk along the Isar River where people relax on the pebbles.

I then headed for Englischen Garten which actually looked massive to me on the map. Turns out it is Europe’s largest park! Which makes sense seeing how big it is. Reminds me a little of Central Park in New York. Of course I didn’t walk all of this one though.

On my way back towards Marienplatz I walked past Munich Residenz and there were a bunch of people dancing together. It was interesting to watch but German guys kept coming over to ask me to dance and I am definitely no good at dancing! So I carried on walking and admired some of the beautiful buildings I saw on the way.

I wanted to catch the 9pm show at the Glockenspiel but as it turns out, TripAdvisor is outdated and this show no longer runs. So hopefully I’ll catch it today instead!

After a slice of pizza and watching a few of the street performers the clouds opened up and as per my luck it began to rain again. So I headed back for the hostel and hit the hay. All that mountain climbing recently and cycling has really made my body tired so an early night was what I needed.

Today I’m up early and enjoying my free breakfast courtesy of Wombats for staying in more than one of their hostels. Awesome loyalty scheme there!

I’m going to do the walking tour in an hour followed by hopefully visiting some of Munichs sites. Do you have any recommendations?

The weather is forecast thunderstorms so if that happens I could end up heading for the technology museum but that sounds pretty cool too.


  1. Thanks for this informative post Sophie. We will be in Munich for a few days too, so this is really helpful. Your pictures are so lovely both in bright daylight and the night shots too, would you be so kind to let me know what camera you’re using? 🙂


    • Of course! I’ve actually only had it around a month now. It’s the Huawei P20 Pro mobile phone. Currently the best camera phone ever made. (3 cameras on the back!) I would highly recommend it, best investment i’ve ever made!

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