A whole new backpacker wardrobe

My previous entry about style came from me thinking about how well I’ve done out here to completely change the contents of my backpack.

So initially I didn’t pack much for my round the world trip as I didn’t want my backpack to be too heavy. But soon I realised I didn’t have any dresses or anything nice for the fancy hotels and the nice bars- I literally just had beach shorts and vests which is great for comfort but not great when you want to get a drink on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands!

Luckily for me, I’ve managed to acquire one hell of a new wardrobe whilst out here!

All the photos above are of me in clothes that were not mine when I first started my trip.

In Singapore I was walking along the boardwalk that goes to Sentosa and they were selling clothes on a stand, all dresses were only $5 and the other pieces just $2. I got 3 new dresses, a new vest, comfy trousers and a shirt in case I need it for work! The majority were second hand or just old stock.

When I arrived in Sydney somebody had left a ton of clothes behind so me and my roommate went through the leftovers and I found myself 2 new tops to wash and wear!

So now my backpack is pretty damn heavy so I need to have a think about what I need in there and what I don’t as it really does hurt my back. I keep trying to use up all my liquids but then I end up acquiring more as I always seem to need something. I feel like none of this would be a problem if I only had a suitcase instead…

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