Australia – What next?

So I’ve been tossing and turning all week about what I should do whilst I’m out here in Australia and I just can’t make my mind up!

Should I look for a job straight away?

Should I travel the East Coast?

Should I see the south before it gets too cold?

Well, I didn’t get any help or suggestions other than to just ‘go with the flow’ which is no use to someone who suffers from anxiety and only works well with a plan in place…

So I’ve finally filled in that plan.

I don’t care if the plan falls apart and other things come up or I go a different direction.. But to have some idea of what I would like to do and have the foundations in place is such a relief.

So here is ‘the plan’:
(Subject to change at any moment haha)

Tomorrow (Friday 11th March) I will be making my way to Melbourne. This will be via 1 night in Canberra (the capital of Australia for those who don’t know). I don’t think there is much in Canberra but we would like to stop by there anyway to see what the capital has on offer.

This trip I will be doing with a guy I have met on Facebook through a backpacking site! It will be my first experience of not only travelling with someone, but also camping! I will be staying in a tent on a campsite rather than a hostel! Which is a relief but also something to look forward to as it is a new experience.

Melbourne we plan to stay 3 nights depending on what is to see here. I then need to decide whether to stay in Melbourne and look for work or to move on and continue on the epic camping road trip.

I know that the road trip will be such an incredible experience that I’ll never forget but I’d like to see how I get on to Melbourne first.

If I can make it through that then the plan afterwards is as follows:

Melbourne > Adelaide > Alice Springs > Uluru > Darwin

The reason I am so tempted to do this is because this is where I will really experience Australia. Not only that but there are a lot of national parks which is completely what I’m into, it also appeals to me much more than the East Coast. Because I don’t drive, this might be one of the only chances I get to do this route.

Once I reach Darwin I have the option of looking for work here or flying over to Cairns where you can get very cheap accommodation with free brekkie and a pool and I hear there are also lots of jobs for backpackers. It is also a great starting point to travel the east coast right down Sydney and finally Melbourne again.

So this would involve me doing a complete loop! If I time it right I could even end up in Melbourne just as my sister lands in the city in July..

So that’s pretty much the plan I have at the moment. Even if I end up finding work along the way I still would like to travel the outback and see the national parks so that gives you a good idea of what I want to do.

It would also be nice to earn some money to give me a chance to continue my round the world trip onto other countries after I leave Australia.

So far I have had 2 phone calls for office work in Sydney and I’ve not even applied for anything yet! The Jobsearch agency like my CV and have recommended me for a lot of things so for now I have advised them to update my location to Melbourne then I will possibly check in with the Jobsearch team once I reach Darwin if I head up there.

The only difficulty about job searching in Australia is the endless options you have to choose from on where to go and when you haven’t been around the country yet it’s hard to decide where to stay..

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