My last few days in Sydney

Whilst I’m ready to move on from Sydney, I feel like there are still a few things I have left to do here that I didn’t have time to do despite me being here for 10 nights!

Teronga Zoo and the botanical gardens are 2 of them. I’d also like to take the harbour cruise, walk the harbour bridge and visit Luna Park. So I think I will end up coming back and will have plenty to do if I do come back.

My last few days have been a bit all over the place really. Tuesday started with me checking out of my hostel and jumping on a bus to a beach 90 minutes drive away. Here I was taught my second lesson of surfing. I’ve learnt before in Bali on Kuta beach but I didn’t get in the water because the waves were so big! I’m really not good with water..

This time I actually went as far as to get on a surf board! I didn’t attempt to stand up but I did however.. Have fun! I laid on the board and floated with the waves which was a big step for me and the instructors were great. I did this through Mojo Surf! Who guarantee to get you to stand up on the board if you want to and I genuinely believe this as they really do make you feel relaxed. At first I told them I wasn’t doing it and I got upset but they got me over it and I felt fine and had fun 🙂 Maybe next time I might actually attempt to stand up!

After surfing I headed back to the hostel where I was then ready to say goodbye and move on to my next location… Hornsby. This is a small city just north of Sydney where I have been couchsurfing. A little way out but still it’s free accommodation so can’t complain..

I’ve been in Hornsby for the last 3 days and now it’s my time to move on in the morning. Been visiting Sydney in between but I feel I’m ready to head off to my next destination now 🙂

For my last day today I walked around Sydney and finally went into the opera house. It would be nice for me to catch an opera in there before I leave Australia. I also added the Sydney Opera House charm to my Pandora collection!

The day finished off with me heading to Paddy’s Markets for cheap souvenirs before attending an event at the star centre. Quite an interesting one aswell – a conversation with the creators of Making a Murderer the tv show I’m hooked on. So a good way to end the week!

Only been travelling for 3 weeks but it sure feels like a lifetime! It’s actually exhausting packing up and leaving all the time.. About to do a lot more of it however I do look forward to settling in one place for a bit, that would be nice.

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