My first week in Sydney

So I have so much planned this week that I can barely fit any job hunting or general sorting things in at all. I therefore will very likely be booking a second week. But for family and friends here’s an overview of what I have planned!

Wednesday 2nd-
Sydney walking tour

Thursday 3rd-
Beach BBQ

Friday 4th-
Wildlife park
Blue Mountains

Saturday 5th-
Mardi Gras parade

Sunday 6th-
Paddy Markets
Marly beach

Monday 7th-
Harbour cruise
Toronga Zoo

Tuesday 8th-
Day of surfing

Wednesday 9th-
Who knows?

I may end up changing what I do next week as I really need a day where I sort out my Medicare, CV and start applying for some jobs and having my consultation with the career place.

It’s likely I’ll need a second week here to cram everything in and had a few couch offers so it may be my first couch surfing experience next week if everything works out!

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