How amazing was today!!

So I jumped in a van for today’s tour and ended up heading to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Didn’t expect to be visiting here and it was amazing! Highlight of my trip so far!

I got to feed and hang out with so many cool animals that I’ve never even seen before! Jeff the kangaroo, me and him had a laugh taking selfies, Me and Roy the koala shared some leaves and I got an epic profile picture with Felix the cool dude kangaroo haha

Definitely try visit this place it’s not a zoo, it’s all open and all about conservation. A few miles outside of Sydney.

After this we headed for the Blue Mountains, the part I’ve been looking forward to most this whole trip.

We hiked through the jungle and I learnt about the deadly spiders and snakes. The tour guide was brilliant and at the end he gave us all a little Koala teddy each to remember the tour by. Don’t think I’ll forget it anytime soon though!

The views were lovely, not quite as good as Yosemite but great all the same.

I really enjoyed today and I wish I could have more days like it.. May just have to plan it that way!

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