Day 2 in Sydney and it was BBQ and beach time! I had a great day and met a bunch of people from the hostel as we drank goon and ate burgers on the barbie- no shrimp though!

First we headed to Bronte Beach where the staff made us an awesome free BBQ in the sun. I went with Paige and her bf from my room in the hostel and met other people as we went along. We also had a great coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi. Lovely views from the top of the cliffs!

I actually prefer Bronte to Bondi but I hear Marly beach is better so on Sunday with the $2.50 transport cap I will head there for a relaxing day by the sea I think 🙂

After falling asleep on Bondi we then headed back for the party bus that took us back to the hostel, pretty surreal experience sitting on a bus that’s like the ones you see deporting prisoners but with giant speakers and a DJ.. Ha

I passed some time whilst the others had a nap then we all went for pizza next door at The Scary Canary a great bar that do really good cheap meals and happy hour drinks so it came to $11 for a meal and vodka cranberry, about £6- Sydney is really only as expensive as cities in England I find.

Overall a typical Ozzie day!

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