Australia – Finally made it!

So I’m here in Sydney!

Had a bit of a rocky start yesterday where I was in an awful mood. After my flight was delayed it then took forever to get from the airport to the hostel so it really just took it out of me. By the time I arrived at the hostel I was in a foul mood and even worse when I saw the state of the place. I’m not going to blog too much about it because it is what it is but let’s just say this hostel is not my kind of place at all. If you like Magaluf then perhaps you would like it here.

The wifi signal doesn’t reach to my room so I’m currently blogging downstairs in a room right next to the club next door which seems to blare out music all night long. That makes sleeping fun… Luckily I’ll sleep through next to anything.

But I’m here to talk about the good things. So today I had my job orientation! Here I learnt everything I need to know about job hunting in Australia. They told me where I need to go to get my Medicare sorted, gave me a new Australian SIM which is all set up and I’ve already used nearly all my international minutes.. Haha also got told about potential job opportunities and all the office work they have here, the pay is amazing!

Tomorrow morning I head to the bank to open a new account for my wages to be paid into if I decide to work whilst I’m out here. Should be what I choose to go for just so I can save some extra cash for travelling.

The orientation lasted a lot longer than what I expected but I really enjoyed it so it was a great start to my time in Australia. After this I caught a quick lunch at Subway – nice and easy and just around the corner from the hostel.

After this I went to the meeting point for ‘I’m Free’ Sydney tours. This tour was led by a volunteer who was born and raised in Sydney, she reminded me of Kylie Minogue..obviously haha love the accent. She was a really great guide and showed us all over the city with some really interesting history, I really enjoyed myself. The tour ended at Sydney Harbour so I got to see the iconic landmark finally.. It really wasn’t what I was expecting, in fact none of Sydney is.

I’m not sure what I was expecting really to be honest. The place is a lot more hilly than I thought it would be! It also seems rather small and the harbour doesn’t look like I saw on pictures but it may just be because I’ve not seen it from the botanic gardens side yet – Can’t wait to explore those at the weekend!

The tour was great though. It taught me a lot about the history between Sydney and Melbourne and definitely inspired me to visit Melbourne also, as it’s getting colder down south I may leave this to be visited at the end though and this will also be when my sister is over here.

After hunting down a birthday card for my sister, buying stamps and exploring a little I headed back to the hostel where I went downstairs for the free ‘bbq and goon’. For those who don’t know, goon is a cheap wine that Australians drink a lot of apparently. I didn’t like it that much but I’m not too fussed about drinking out here anyway. Doesn’t really appeal to me anymore as I’d rather stretch my money a little further. I’ll save the cocktails for South-East Asia 😉

So I grabbed a sausage, headed to call my partner and had a good chat whilst walking around Darling Harbour – second night I’ve walked around here now. It’s a very quiet but lovely little harbour all love themed for valentines.

When I got back to my room tonight there were 2 new people checked in. Turns out they are both from England and a couple travelling together. Of what I’ve gathered they’re absolutely lovely and the female is a great laugh I can tell already. Tomorrow we’re heading to Bondi beach together which I’m looking forward to!

Can’t wait to get stuck in and see the real Australia!

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