Travelling with toothache – the countdown begins

Before I departed the UK I was in unbearable pain with agonising toothache. I went to see an emergency dentist as I don’t actually have one in the UK, I am on a ton of waiting lists.

At the emergency dentist they did me a temporary root canal filling. I was advised to see a dentist immediately for root canal treatment. The procedure is very expensive unless I can get in on an NHS dentist. So before I went away I stuck my name on a ton of lists and I’m just waiting for the phone calls.

I thought my filling could last a little while and I could live off painkillers until I return for treatment.

Unfortunately for me, despite really soft brushing and eating on one side of my face as much as I could, today I lost 1/4 of my tooth. This means I will likely need an extraction as the tooth is now broken.

My trip is now a waiting game, waiting to see how long I can last and how long before toothache becomes unbearable again.

I fly to Sydney Tuesday morning and will spend a week there, depending on how my tooth feels I will then decide what the best options are for me.

I wanted to travel the world and so I am determined to still visit all the places I wanted to. It may just be a little run around rather than any long term stops if that’s what it comes to. Either way I will make this epic- I am determined.

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