Pandora Travel Bracelet

In 2013 I decided to start my own Pandora bracelet – specifically travel themed.

Rules of the bracelet: I have to buy every charm myself and it has to be from the location it represents.

So I have a few of these bracelets but two that are travel specific. The first one is one specific to the United States. It was originally going to be a travel one until I realised I was travelling so often that it was getting full! So in 2013 when I travelled the US I decided to collect a charm in every state I visited.

It can get expensive however if you’re willing to save for it or spare the cash it’s an incredibly fun task. I actually ended up exploring the city more trying to find the shop sometimes.

I don’t have my USA bracelet on me so can’t take a photograph but I’d like to focus on the travel bracelet I wear every day as pictured above.

It does not include every country I’ve visited, sometimes it’s too difficult to find a Pandora store, I’ve run out of money or they just don’t have a charm I like to represent them. You’ll find that some countries actually have their own flag charms and I will start to add those once I reach the country that does them. I already have some of the landmark charms.

So beginning left to right, we start with my colosseum charm. Bought in Italy – Rome obviously! Got this back in 2014 this is one of the few countries with a landmark charm and the only one I have on this bracelet.

Next is a globe charm, I bought this in Europe to represent my first home and where I am from.

The next is a leprechaun holding a four leaf clover, if you haven’t guessed already I got this in Dublin- Ireland in 2014.

The scotty dog is a little harder to guess. I bought this in Czech Republic – Prague in 2013 as this is a place well known for its high amount of dogs around. Unfortunately for me they now have a landmark charm for Prague! Unlucky.

The flower charm I bought in Malta in 2014 as I fancied a new charm and the stones in the middle reminded me of the cannonballs they shoot off daily on the island.

The passport in the middle I bought because it’s a great travel charm! I got it in the airport to mark the start of my first Eurotrip in June 2015 where I visited 4 countries.

Then we have the Maple leaf I bought in Ontario Canada in 2013 when I hopped over the border. I will get the flag charm if I end up over in Canada again- hopefully soon enough.

The taxi cab I bought in New York in 2011, it was one of my first ever charms with Pandora. I also have the Statue of Liberty landmark charm but it is on my USA bracelet.

The second globe charm represents my second home in North America, I bought this near Washington DC in 2013. USA is the only place I’ve ever lived besides Europe.

The Jewish Star of David I bought in Kraków – Poland in 2014 after visiting Auschwitz.

And finally my newest charm – The money bag painted with Chinese symbols. I bought this in Singapore in 2016, my first charm bought in Asia. Singapore is very expensive compared with the rest of Asia so I think this is rather fitting.

I would love to have the Buddha for Thailand but never got round to finding a Pandora. I’ve also got many to buy as I travel the rest of the world!

I will update again next year to see what my bracelet looks like next time 🙂

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