Goodbye Singapore we will meet again!

So yesterday I left Singapore after 7 nights. It was the longest I’d ever spent in one hostel and it felt kind of sad to leave in the end actually. Almost like I’d settled in to my little hostel bed!

I loved Singapore. Whilst I didn’t really do all that much, I did think it was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. It will stay with me forever that one. In Fact so much so that I know I will go back.

The thing about Singapore is that it actually has something for everyone. It is a big city with an amazing skyline, it has absolutely incredible parks and gardens with even the option of going to the beach. I actually can’t wait to return here in the future with someone special 🙂 (You know who you are)

So for my last few days I really did just relax. I spent two days on Sentosa Island where I walked for miles but also fell asleep both days on the beach in the sun. It’s so relaxing listening to the waves and with all the working it really just takes it out of you!

I stuck around on the second day to catch The Crane Dance on Sentosa’s Boardwalk. This was a really nice love story portrayed with birds – Cranes made out of – cranes! Ha very unique and really nice actually. It was free and much better than the Wings of Time show I paid $18 for of course.. That’s normally the case.

On my way back to the hostel I ended up buying a bunch of second hand clothes on the market that lines the boardwalk. All items were between $2 and $5 so I just had to! A backpacker shouldn’t really make their backpack heavier and normally I wouldn’t shop but I’ve felt quite uncomfortable travelling with the clothes I’ve brought so far. There are a lot of people dressed smart in the city and I feel a bit backpacker trampy and forgot to pack something decent so this was a nice treat for me 🙂

On my last day in Singapore I actually headed for the botanical gardens and this was beautiful. I didn’t expect it to be anything less to be honest but I was still taken back. They have the worlds largest orchard garden and I love taking photographs of flowers! (Think I’m a bit like my gran lol) So I walked around there for a while until my stomach was screaming for food. On my way out I also went via Swan Lake in the gardens and it reminded me of Roundhay Park in Leeds back home. Pretty.

This day completely tired me out but when I got back to the hostel to wait until my flight Andrew asked to go for dinner so we headed out. We ended up just walking the streets chatting about life and relationships, funny thing is life it always gets in the way. But I’ll post more about that in a separate entry.

So I finally said bye to Andrew and it was strange as I’ve never spent so much time with someone when travelling, but I’ve also never stayed in a hostel so long so it might have been that too. I managed to meet another girl at the hostel who was catching my flight to Sydney so we headed to the airport together. Eventually we got separated at the gates and I didn’t see her again but we had a good chat for a brief period at least!

In the end my flight ended up being delayed by 2 hours to 3.15am but it was okay as Singapore airport is amazing! I actually went to the free cinema they have there and watched Jurassic World, how good is that!

So it was goodbye Singapore and onto the next stop…

And now I’m in Sydney, desperately trying to keep this blog up to date. I have a funny feeling that it may get lost over the next few days…

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