Well today has been another long one. I planned to go to The Grand Palace but things don’t always turn out as you plan, especially when you’re being scammed…haha

Nah it’s good actually. I had no plans for tomorrow and I left my hostel quite late today so The Grand Palace would have been a rush to fit in today. So I’m glad I spent today on an adventure and I now have tomorrow to explore all the temples!

Other things that happened today included me seeing the gigantic golden Buddha, the photographs really don’t do it justice, my phone makes it look very dull when really it was beautiful!

I also had to take a boat to get to where I needed to go. That was quite an experience as I wasn’t sure how it worked or where I was going so I just had to jump on and pay them money, turned out to be only around 10p per journey!

I went back to Khao San road which I haven’t visited since I last came to Bangkok about 18 months ago. It feels different not being there with that same group and not going out drinking! I’m glad to be staying off it this time though, it’s so hectic and full of tourists. I grabbed a sundae and then carried on walking ๐Ÿ˜›

I also explored the MBK mall with 7 floors! It was massive, but I felt sleepy so I grabbed a McDonalds sundae with cornflake, cherry balls and strawberry sauce (which I’m currently addicted to) and headed back to the hostel. I’m just making the most of the air conditioning before I have to head back to my room. I can feel a sore throat coming on really badly and I keep sneezing so that’s not good..

One thing that is slightly bothering me is the social aspect here. I’ve not really talked to anyone properly for days. I can hear everybody socialising outside currently but I’m locked away in the glass common room. I wish they had an inside common area. I know with it being a hot country the idea is that it is all open plan but I literally can’t sit outside in this humidity. Not only that but I attempted to sit outside last night and eventually the mosquitos got the better of me. I was wearing deet aswell but literally my arms are covered in bites now, really itchy and swollen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope Singapore gives me some bug free chill out areas at least!

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