Today I flew to Geneva in Switzerland. Originally I was travelling alone but like I mentioned previously, my friends from work ended up coming. It’s my first time travelling with a few people I know!

We had such a good time flying today. Firstly we checked into the premier lounge where we got free booze and food for a few hours- best part was the flight was delayed so we really got to make the most of it! We then boarded the plane where I found I was sat near the back surrounded by empty seats. The air crew said they were trying to balance the aircraft out due to heavy winds. It was nice and quiet for me and I had such a lot of fun on the flight. First time I’ve flown with mates and we just mucked about swapping seats with people and buying booze. A lot different to how I usually travel but I loved it. On top of that we had a really rocky takeoff but it was so much fun, thought we were gunna float away lol

After landing we realised we didn’t actually have a clue where we were going! After asking a help desk we were told we could get on ‘any train’.. So we did. 6 minutes later we had reached Geneva! Found our hotel very quickly and great to be so central.

This is the first time I’ve been travelling and had to stay in a hotel on my own for a few days. If I’m honest – I’m not keen. I much prefer sharing with people and meeting new people like I usually do in hostels. Unfortunately I booked to stay in this room with another person and it didn’t work out so I’ve learnt that lesson.. You can only really rely on yourself.

Today after checking in we decided to have a wander around to find some bars and get some food. We soon found that this was very hard to come by. The problem we found was that, even ignoring the high prices of everything, we couldn’t actually find any pubs that served food or any restaurants that weren’t pizzerias. It was very odd! In the end we ended up having pizza but then heading back to the hotel super early out of sheer exhaustion.

So tomorrow we’re going to have a look for nearby places to eat during breakfast. We’re also heading to Château de Chillon which I’m really excited for! Then hopefully we’ll have better luck pub hunting so we can have a messy one Sat night 😉

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