Yesterday I decided to try something different and head out of Geneva to visit a castle I’ve really wanted to see. It was quite a way out and rather expensive to get there via train so I went alone as my friends didn’t want to pay that much. I didn’t mind though as I love train journeys and even better when I can plug my headphones in and stare out of the window with nothing but my own thoughts.

So not really knowing fully where I was supposed to be going, I boarded the train to Montreux. It was going to take an hour to get there so I bought my ticket and grabbed a window seat. To begin with I sat in 1st class.. Not knowing it was 1st class but it was nice. Got asked to move after 20 minutes but I had a good run. The views were spectacular.

Arriving at Montreux, I knew it would be around 4km to walk to the castle. I decided that was fine and head off walking. Decided to go the back way up over the hills so I got the view from high up and got to see all the incredible houses. I can’t believe that people wake up everyday to that view! I’m jealous.

I wandered around for a while but as the castle was on the edge of the lake it wasn’t hard to spot so I just headed in one general direction stopping for a few selfies on the way. I was breath taken to the point where I literally had my mouth open sometimes looking at the view.

When I made it to the castle I contemplated going inside or not, I’d had such a good time walking there I didn’t know whether to just carry on wandering. Eventually I decided to go in and it was worth it. I felt like I was in an episode of Game of Thrones or something.. Was really good to look at and the dungeon was really creepy.

After this I headed back along Lake Geneva and through the gardens. There were so many animals made of flowers and leaves it was beautiful. I really enjoyed the walk. After many many pictures were taken I made it to a shopping centre where I ended up getting a happy meal at McDonalds.. Only cost me a fiver! (Sarcasm, that is not cheap) but I was hungry, short on cash and needed wifi. After this I did a bit of shopping, the clothes out here are rather cheap, it’s surprising!

The sun began to set behind the alps and it got dark pretty quickly. I did have a panicky moment in which my phone died, I had no map, no cash left on me and nothing but a train ticket and I got lost and had to take directions from someone in French. Was a complete nightmare but I found my way to a train station I recognised the name of then jumped on the next train to Geneva after a Toblerone McFlurry lol safe and sound..

After making it back to the hotel I felt really good and ready to go out so I met my friends at an English bar and we went for a few drinks and chicken nuggets.. Very strange that they serve chicken nuggets on cocktail sticks with crisps, tomatoes, pickles and an onion. How odd! Didn’t feel like we stayed out long but by the time we headed back it was nearing 1am so ready to sleep!

Now I’m just sat at the breakfast table deciding what I will do today in Geneva. I really want to go up a cable car but with the weather so foggy I’m not sure it will be worth it. I may have to just have another wander.

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