On Sunday I had a full day in Geneva and I decided to have a wander around the city. I headed for the park first as I do enjoy exploring gardens (for some reason haha.. Love botanicals!). I was umming and ahhing about whether I should get the short bus ride over to France and take a cable car up to the top of mount Saleve also known as the balcony of Geneva. I wasn’t sure as it was quite a foggy day and my friends said it wouldn’t be worth it. After walking around Geneva for a while I decided to take the risk. It was a nice little adventure that I really enjoyed! I’ve never been in a cable car before. I was nervous at first if I’m honest but it was no problem once we were off.

The view at the top was great, I loved seeing the other mountains from there also. It was also interesting that I was now in a different country all together so quickly and easily.

When I got back to geneva, I was so tired from all the walking that I decided to have a nap.. It soon turned into about 3 hours of sleeping before I woke up and decided I couldn’t spend my last night like this. My friends were also sleeping and chilling in their rooms, they didn’t want to go out which was a shame. So I headed for a bar I’d been recommended. It was a nice atmosphere with good music and full of international people.

Here I met an American bartender from New York. He’d also previously lived in Blackpool for 2 years! His friends knew people in Ilkley (my hometown).. It was very strange. Small world. I also met a Jamaican guy who used to rave in Chapel town Leeds haha.

I spent most of the night chatting to a French Canadian living in Switzerland. He worked as an event manager and had just got back from snorkelling in Thailand. He’d been so many places and just travels the world because the wage is so high in Geneva.. Makes you rich when you go out of the country. It was good to meet someone again that I could just chat with. It’s difficult at home in England as the majority of people I meet have the desire to go travel but wouldn’t really ever do it. It’s rare I meet someone with the determination to just do it! But when I meet them it’s brilliant, conversation flows like we’ve known each other forever.

Back to Geneva.. I ended my night with a portion of chips and chilli sauce and headed back to the hotel ready for check out the next day. On my final day I had a few hours so I spent that time taking a nice walk along lake Geneva enjoying the last of the sunshine before flying back to England! I really enjoyed my time in Switzerland. One of my better trips if I’m honest it was beautiful and I’m really glad I booked that spontaneous flight 😉 which speaking of spontaneous flights.. Stay tuned as I’m hoping to book another very soon.

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