Romania here we come..

This weekend we head to Romania for our last pre-baby city break overseas!

Romania has been on my bucketlist for many years.

With a fascination for all things spooky including Bramstoker’s Dracula, of course I’ve always wanted to visit the places the inspiration has come from. Bran Castle is up there on my list of places to visit so I can’t wait for this!

Our dog Newkee is a Carpathian Shepherd / Romanian Mountain Dog. Of course we can’t visit Romania without heading up to the Carpathian Mountains. Who knows, we might finally see some dogs that look like our own! That would be a rare find.

We have plans to take it easy in Bucharest with me being pregnant there is only so much we can do. Just a relaxing city break in a nice hotel in the city making the most of there just being us 2 adults for one of our last adventures – I look forward to getting away and seeing what Romania will bring!

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