My biggest adventure yet!

My blog has been extremely quiet for many many months and I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing. Well, to say I’ve had a few eventful adventures would be an understatement!

Let’s start with talking about the end of last summer -September 2022. I had the pleasure of visiting Portugal for the first time. Not mainland,but the beautiful island of flowers -Madeira. We had an amazing time exploring the island and treating ourselves to a bit of luxury with a beautiful adults only hotel perched at the top of Funchal.

Of course we didn’t want to come home! On our last day we headed into the mountains and across to Nuns Valley – Curral das Freiras. It was here on a delightfully sunny day that my partner popped down on one knee and finally popped the question!

So I came home a fiancée with a beautiful black diamond on my finger and a whole lot of wedding planning to delve into!

Only a month later, after many wedding fayres and lots of excitement I took a trip to Girona. I had some annual leave left to take before the end of the year and as Dec didn’t have any time left I decided to delve back into the world of hostels and backpacking solo. I thought a little trip to Girona would be a nice opportunity to brush up on my Spanish skills again.

I had a nice time wandering the streets of Girona feeling ridiculously tired and heading back to the hostel for naps midday. After a couple of days in the city I decided I was in need of some Vitamin D and Sea! So I headed to the coast by jumping on a bus to Lloret de Mar.

What a lovely place to explore. The sun was shining and I hiked up to the lighthouse which really took it out of me but it was worth it to get a bit of exploring in!

After my day trip to the coast I headed for the bus where I caught a slow bumpy bus up through the mountains. I was overwhelmed with sickness as the bus winded back and forth around the various hills on its way back to Girona. I genuinely thought I was going to be sick on the bus. I continued to try and distract myself with wedding planning along the way in my journal.

Finally back to my hostel I got an early night ready to be up at 4am to catch my flight home, still feeling shocking. Part of me knew what must be the reason, but only I could be certain once I landed back in England.

That evening we visited a potential wedding venue that we fell in love with. We reserved the venue and outside under the sparkly tree that we will one day stand under as newly weds for our wedding photographs, I stood with Dec and our dog Newkee. It was here I dropped the news that will change our life forever – I’m pregnant.

Since this moment, pregnancy has been a whirlwind. Lots of tears, sickness, aches, pains and a rocking rollercoaster.

But I’m here writing this at nearly 25 weeks pregnant with my baby kicking my tummy, thinking about how this is my biggest adventure yet to come.

Blogging has always been my favourite hobby and it has definitely got lost in the last few years. I don’t doubt it’ll become harder as time goes by but I look forward to sharing my story as I go once again. As I spent my early-mid 20s backpacking and writing about my adventures in hostels, this swiftly changed to hotels and holidays in my late twenties. It transformed to glamping, dog friendly stays and UK breaks as I reached my thirties. Well, now it’s time for the next chapter.

I hope you continue my journey with me as you have done before as I’ve a feeling this road might get a little bumpy!

Baby Reynolds – Coming June 2023

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