Adventure is out there!

2 years ago we were in the middle of a global pandemic! But exactly where has the time gone since??

That summer of 2020 I took the basic Spanish I taught myself, popped on a plane to Majorca alone and turned my lockdown hobbies in to reality. I did yoga at sunrise, hiked mountains, cycled solo around an island I didn’t know (got lost many times), tried paddle boarding for the first time and most of all.. Embraced freedom!

Now that we are free of restrictions I often find we make our own restrictions. How often do we make up excuses why we can’t do something? We give in to the rat race and let it overpower our mindset.

I don’t know where these 2 years have gone but it’s time I bring some of that freedom feeling back and really embrace it! Life is too short to be doing the same thing every day.

I think it must be time to book a new adventure..

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